Monday, August 23, 2010


The handing down of statements, beliefs, legends, customs, information, etc., from generation to generation, esp. by word of mouth or by practice: a story that has come down to us by popular tradition.

In those popular get to know each other questionaires and memes what is your favourite holiday is a standard question... and the standard answer for most people is Christmas. NOT for me. (I developed an unhealthy dislike for winter and Christmas). For me it is august 20th when we celebrate (the birthday of) our first king, the birth of the country, the new bread. For me it is also the celebration of tradition. Just as it is a trandition for me to put up a picture laden post of the big traditional craft fair, the festival of folk arts. This year all of the celebrations were restrained, which could be felt here too. There were less demonstrations, less booths, less sellers, less of everything (except prices). Still we needed two days to see and try everything we wanted, Chris even wanted to go back for the third day...
There were the usual array of pottery.

And not so traditional:

Dresses and outfits:

The theme for this year was gingerbread.

Demonstration of how to decorate it.

For me it seemed the theme was felts and feltmaking, because downloading the pictures I realized most of teh pictures were about that.

The traditional jurta of course.

Felted everything. Gloves and scarfs. (If I could just figure out how they do that ever so soft grid like felted scarf)

Even a felted shirt. I think that one has a considerable silk content in the fibers.

Felted pictures.

Some were making a felted rug right there with traditional motifs.

I had a hard time deciding if I like the purple felted hat better

Or the turqoise one

I even tried my hand at felting, and made a felted flower.

And of course I couldn't miss making a picture of my favourite felted dragon (which is not for sale. I couldn't afford it even if it would be, but I am making a pic of it every year)

There were the traditional indigo dyed printed fabric.

Which is made by printing a special wax on the fabric itself then dying it in indigo and removing the wax, leaving teh patterning white.

Christopher also had a great day.
He tried the bow.

Turning the music box... (BTW Angela, did you noted the T shirt he is wearing? And the hat. True fan. LOL)

Playing with logic requiering toys.

Making felt (the hard way)

Wood carving


Weaving...Last year we got friendly with a teacher in a shcool/orphanage from the city I grew up. He was ever so friendly and patient with the kid. This year he seemed genuinly happy to see the boy again.

My favourite thing? Meeting this old lady, Klara, who was there demonstrating spinning the old way with a low whorl drop spindle. I was so happy to finally see someone doing it in real life. (I hope I am not sounding too full of myself when I say she seemed happy to see someone younger doing it too). I showed her my top whorl spindle we compared spinning methods and spin some toogether. Such a lovely lady, I hope I can meet her again.

Aside of th eentrance tickets and food and drink, I only bought one thing, one "vásárfia" (fair"s son) an pair of earring. I thought the motif had a definite elven feeling to it.

But I filled up with creative energies, and can't wait to actually make something.

Only 363 days until the next one.


Isis said...

Wonderful ! I love the dragon and the earrings ! must remember that I have to come visit you at least once while this festival is on ! (Hanna would like trying the crafts too, I'm sure !)

Anonymous said...

ZOMG, I *love* the earrings!! Just gorgeous! I love the non-traditional pottery too, it's so pretty! I might have mentioned it before, but I love the annual post about this event, it's such fun to see all the pics. :D

And yes, I definitely noticed the t-shirt! ;) AWESOME t-shirt, Chris! I can't see what is on the hat though.

ritarenata said...

gyönyörü, wonderful.
i missed the fair the last two years.
but next year i have to make it.
maybe, as a craft-maker/seller. vásáros.

so latest: see you soon then.
thanx a lot for the photos!!!