Friday, August 27, 2010

Blue shrug

This is a yarn again, that was hiding in my stash in a few month... I had four balls, about 200 gramms which would be enough for a tank top, but I already established that knitting and tank tops are not that good of a match... but what else would it be enough? Too much for a bag. too little for a cardigan... then I started working again, in an airconditioned office. Looking through my magazines and ravelry gave me the idea of making a shrug, but I didn't find the one I actually wanted to knit... so once again I made up a pattern.

Took a lace pattern that was deceptive, looking simple enogh, but giving me major pain, and several frogging session. I started the two sleeves at the same time so I wouldn't have to think what did I do and when. Slightly trumpet shaped sleeves

And crocheted edge around. I made up the crochet pattern as well... and since I made it (and had some beads left over from the heartland shawl) there are some beads in the edging.

I could title this post the Queen of second hand again as not only the yarn came from a second hand shop, but other parts of the outfit, the skirt and the top as well.

A few post ago (I guess it was about the aeolian shawl) I got some enquieries about the place we've shot the pictures. It is two tramstops away from where I live, Béke tér (The square of Peace) where there is this ship shaped sculpture/installation. Here is a picture of it for Angela and Regula.

The photographer, of course, was Christoper. Getting better each time, right?

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Anonymous said...

Awesome - thanks for the extra shot! :D She's just lovely! I love your new shrug! The crocheted edge is so pretty, as is the lace pattern. LOVE it!