Friday, January 22, 2010

Five things

I don't do:
-I don't smoke. (Never did in my life) - My mom was a chainsmoker, and I saw her die of lung cancer in four weeks when she was 58. That should be enough alone, but I also remember when at 14 I tried it. One "sip" that was all, still I felt it on myself for days. I kept eating cheing gum, brushing my teeth and drinking moutwash so my fathr wouldn't feel it on me. Never ever
-I don't drink alcohol. Don't even like the taste of it... except for very sweet liqueurs, like amaretto, or sweet muscat champaign. I've never been drunk. Tipsy? Maybe twice in my late teens, but that was enough.
-Don't drink coffe. Probably because it is basically bitter and that is one taste I can't stand. I have a very sweet collegaue who decided I only didn't tasted the right cafe, and he made me a honey-vanilla cup with whipped cream and brought me to try it... "Yes, my friend, it is nice, but it still tastes like coffe"... I am hopeless.
-I don't eat chocolate. When I was around four my parents were walking me home from kindergaten. I started running toward the store "I want chocolate, buy me chocolate now" "Honey, we need to shop anyway, but have to run home first for money" "no, I want that chocolate NOW" said teh little girl running toward the store while turning back to yell at her father... and her feet got caught in the gutter and she fell to the corner of the store hitting her head so strong it needed staples. No more craving for chocolate.
- I don't like fish, and it is worst for other seafood, like crabs...Which is a shame, because I know it is healthy. I keep trying to work on that though.

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