Friday, January 15, 2010

A bag full of money

A couple of years ago, my father asked me what do I want for Christmas (or was it my birthday? they are so close, I can't really remember, anyway...), and I said with a shrug " a bag full of money". And then two weeks later my presented me with a satin bag full of 100Ft coins enough to buy a portable stereo system. He told me whenever he got one back as a change he put in a jar. Next year it went to buy a rollerskate so I could keep up with my son.

And even though it was said as a joke I really meant it. I practicly have everything. I have an overflow of clothes, I have so much book it is hard to keep track -and find what I don't have-. I don't really need kitchen gadgets (except for a big kitchen aid mixer, but that is way over the xmas present budget). I don't want shower gels, and moisturizers either. Simply put if I think about it carefully I have everything except money. Money to fix up big things in the flat. Money to change old and crumbling furniture. Money to change the sik in the kitchen. Buy a new stereo... things like that.

The bed we've slept on was in crumbles for a long time. For the last couple of years the only thing between me and the broken squeaking springs was only a sheet. Ever since I've seen this bed in IKEA I was deeply in love with it. Evidently P. refused to even entertain the thought of getting this particular one, saying everything coming from IKEA is sh**.

It took me a while to collect myself after he left, but when I did I decided that I am too young getting up with my back aching, and I started to collect money, the same way my father did. It was around the time, when the new 200 Ft coins got into circulation (it worth about 1 USD) every time I recieved one (or more) I did not give it out back, but put it in a jar. Along with the bag I received for my last birthday it was finally enough.

So at one night we put all of them on the table.

Put them into stacks for easier counting.

Then rolled them into neat little rolls.

I still didn't think the cashier in IKEA would be very happy if (in the busiest time of teh week -friday late afternoon) I would present her about 800 coins so I looked around to exchange it for banknotes. My own bank wanted to charge me. Even the post office had rules on how many they exchange free of charge, but it was like 200 coins...So I tried the post office, where I was lucky enough to encounter a very nice cashier lady, in her good mood. And she said she would take all of it from me.

Then I called an ex collegaue of mine with a big car, to ask if he can help me with the shipping. He said "hmm, friday? (that was on a thursday) I can't come earlier than six..."
Good boy that is ...
(I will leave the rest of the story for the next post...just to make sure you will come back :-)

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Isis said...

You go, girl ! Awesome story !