Monday, December 28, 2009

More Xmas pressies

These two were my most succesful presents.
When I saw my aunt the last time she loved my fingerless gloves, she kept admiring them, and trying them on...I usually do not give them presents at Xmas time, but I just had to make a pair for her. The yarn, once again came from the second hand store. A ball of white grey painted to give the fair isle effect and a small ball of self striping sock yarn paired up.

She did not expect anything, much less something handmade for her, and she was so moved... it was absolutely worth the time.

The other bigger present I made was a hat for my sister. I knew she likes berets, I knew she likes black, all I had to think up what to use for contrast color... I still had a ball of the self striping grey yarn I used before.
Here is selbu modern. She loved it, and it fits her personality and style very well.

I was so happy that these two present came trough so well, and were so lovingly recieved. I usually am a very selfish knitter, I don't really like to knit for others... reactions like these do make me think more on that...


Isis said...

Nice gifts !!!

Anonymous said...

They both turned out SO lovely!