Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fussy cardigan

When I knitted the Tangled yoke cardigan it came out slightly big, but I liked the comfort and I thought I could get out something similar from the tweedy aran cardigan. I had a pack (10 balls) of yarn, from which I want to knit a vest for a dear friend, Ester, who helped so much getting rid of P's mess. Anyway The yarn is coming from a whole-sale store where one can only buy whole pack of yarns buying an other one therefore having enough for both projects seemed a good solution.
The pattern is fussy. There is the so called fancy rib, where you have to change two out of three stitches in every row, and then there are all those cables and diamond pattern and the twisted rib. For me, being a combined continental knitter, and having my stitches sitteing differently the fancy rib wasn't that bad. After that once I got into the rythm of the pattern it was even fun.

The pattern is Nora Gaughan's tweedy aran cardigan from the booklet I downloaded from knitting daily, the five most popular pattern of Interweave knitting. The description says it is a feminine version of the boyish aran sweaters, but looking through ravelry I found the finished items just that. Boyish. So, aside from the usual gauge issue (having different yarn and recalculating) I made a couple of changes. Longer body and more defined waist shaping.

Mirrored the cables on the diamond pattern on the body. Sligthly different shape of the sleeves, as narrower on the upper arms, and a bit trumety shaped at the cuff... And yes there IS a cuff as I added a fancy ribbed cuff.

The yarn is King Cole's merino blend DK, which as I already pointed out relaxes a lot, so it needed to be knit more thightly than usual. With my loose knitting that ended up using 3 mm needles.

And just to fulfill my friend's prophegy on me and glasses, I do have glasses with white frame now.

Ps.: Jenny, it was lovely to have you around again. And thank you for shooting the pictures.


Isis said...

Great cardi ! And those glasses look ace on you !

Anonymous said...

*grin* The cardi turned out fantastic! And I so knew you were getting those glasses... ;) They are very cute! Very Anett!

Anonymous said...

tok sz├ęp! I love it, it looks so warm, and nicely fitted! I miss knitting with you! you always inspired me! I always think of you on days my colors match. I think, wow Anett would be proud of my matching :)

Happy knitting!