Friday, November 13, 2009

the dutiful sister

I was visiting my father with my son over the fall break... when my (half) sister uttered the magic words: "would you teach me to knit?" Hah, would I? But with what? We promptly dressed up walked to a "haberdashery" (everyone wondered how do I know where is the only place that sells yarn and such...) bought her a pair of needles, and three balls of the best yarn they had (remember this IS Hungary, so the best yarn was a 50% wool-50% acrylic mix) in a lovely dark purple.

Forgive the quality of teh pictures, they were shot with my phone-camera by my boy.


ritarenata said...

about the quality of the fotos: how can anyone dare to say anything against it!?? ´couse what really and only count on that pictures is: the theme. wonderful! what a you joy!
greets! rita

Isis said...

Looks very cosy ! I haven't the patience to teach anyone to knit... Hanna has asked but since she hasn't the patience to sit & learn... you can guess how that ended !