Friday, April 17, 2009

What's up?

I promised, so here it is
What’s on TV? Sex and the City. Once again a show reruns. I missed it the first time around, but one episode a night is on one of the cable channels.Looking into it a bit on IMDB I realize I get the „light” version. I never thought I would like it, but -unlike Desparate Housewifes- I do. Fun stories, lovely settings, and Carrie wears the prettiest clothes.
Two thing bothers me though. One that except for SJP (who is absolutely beautiful) I don’t think the other women are…(beautiful that is). In fact I don’t think Samantha is sexy at all (but then that might be because I am not a man).
The second, is all that smoking..Admittedly I got off smoking easily by never smoking in my life. I simply don’t get smoking. And I think people who do smoke are stupid and weak. So seeing a butt hanging off Carrie’s mouth every scene does bother me.
New York is pretty far from here, so I have no idea if the scenes or stories, whatever are real. I do know it is only a story, so I don't moralize over how many men they have (or don't have) sex with. But finding your true mate is difficult anywhere.
What's reading? I just started The lollipop shoes by Joanne Harris, which is apparently the sequel to Chocolate. We’ll see.
What's cooking? Since My boy was with his father last week for a few days I haven’t cooked much… except for some foccacia. When I was baking bread I took off a piece of dough, formed some smaller buns, maybe a size of a smaller apple. Let them rest/rise a bit, then pulled them out to a flat circle, about ½ inch thick. Mix olive oil with Italian (or Provence) herbs, shredded garlic Smear the mixture on the small flat bread, Sprinkle with shredded Parmesan and bake in hot oven until lightly browned. I love it alone, or to go with salads, or minestrone soup.
What's knitting? As I already stated much starting and trying going on (along with lots of frogging) but nothing concrete… Currently on the needles are:
- beige/light blue socks –one is done the second should be started as I just got the replacement for the lost needles.
- Cream colored cabled socks- one is done, I am just passed the toes on the second (toe up)
- Bordeaux A line, bell sleeved sweater, done the body-parts just started the sleeves.
- Blue cotton tank top.
- Green lacey scarf/stole
- Orange wrap sweater –started once from the top, but frogged. Now started again for a bottom up, seamless raglan construction.

Nothing I am so excited about so I can’t put it down, but I am plowing on…

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Stephanie said...

after you have added my at Ravelry I started reading you blogg. I love the way you are writing and telling all the ups and downs in your live. You are a grate mother and also a grate knitter. My compliment!!

I have to say that I LOVE Sex and the city. The series and the cinema film. Sometimes I think it is a little bit overstated but exactly that may be the reason why this four Ladys are so wonderful.

Cheers and have a sunny weekend