Thursday, April 16, 2009


I was about to edit the last post, but then I though what the heck.
A complaint-fest worth it's own post. Even if I know that P. knows about this blog...

I was talking to soon about P. Even though these days I only talk to him about Chris he always manages to make me feel... well you know that was one of the reasons I left him. I hate his negativity. And he acts like that toward his own son. He can't say anything positive when things going well, but he is just terrible when they don't. Poor kid. If something doesn't go as we wanted the last thing one needs just an other kick from where you expect support... There was this little competition of telling poems... Chris did learned his (poems), but couldn't managed "acting them out" enough to get a price. P. acted as it was a major tragedy. No, "next time it will go better", no "we will practice more", not even a "can't everybody win", nothing like that...
He just have no clue... All he learned from his parents was negativity, and he keeps pouring that out... I think I have my work cut out to neutralize all that damage.

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