Sunday, February 15, 2009

Something old

I store some stuff at my dad's. Like my old dolls. The last time I was there I asked him to see the box, and brough home one of them.
She was my first doll. Well, according to the pictures I had a baby shaped doll too, but he had problems with his eyes (I believe it was a boy baby), and through all that moving around got lost somewhere.
Bori is different. She is a lady. I have no idea from who presented me with her, or when, or how she got her name. From my earliest times she was with me, and even back then she was "ancient", i.e she was there before my memory. Originally she had a blue pantsuit (probably my mom made it from some blue seersucker, but when I was about six year old my grandma taught me how to knit and crochet. Ever since she is wearing my first F.O.

The dress is combination of crochet and knitting... see any tendency there? The bodice and the ruffle is knitted, the skirt is crocheted. I guess my love for the combination of knitting and crochet goes back far.Some stitches are twisted, the ruffle is rolling up, and the seeming would need some improvement, but what do you expect from a six year old girl, who just learned how to use the hook and the needles?

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Isis said...

Awesome, coming from a 6 year-old ! I crocheted garments for my dolls too, but nothing worth showing off. LOL. Great post ! (made me smile, early in the morning...)