Sunday, February 22, 2009


Kids and farsang go together... When I was a kid my dad hated these programs. He did everything he could to get out of them (Usually bribing me with some big present, like a Rollerblade one year)... But I remember I still had a hankering after dressing up, so I kind of promised that as long as Chris wants he will have a costume. This year however I didn't nor the energy or the time to think up and make something new. Thankfully last year he was in kindergarten(óvoda), and this year he is in school, so we could go back to what he had before. I looked, and found the penguin and the water-spider too, but at the end decided that we would go with Pumukli . He is a cartoon character, only the children (or the one he lives with) can see him. He is also very mischievous.

The biggest challenge was the hair, but then I found a pattern and technique for loopy knitting. Sewing a yellow T-shirt and a green sweatpants was a piece of cake. I only made a couple of pics this year, which are not nearly as good as last years, but here he is:

He won the competition in the category for the "legkedvesebb jelmez" the sweetest/cutest/most lovable dress up.

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Bine / hummel06 said...

What a lovely Pumuckl (as he is called in Germany). Hope both of you have a lot of fun these days.