Sunday, June 3, 2018


As most woman, I have a tendency to do something drastic, when something is bothering her soul... Okay, I am capable of doing drastic things anway, I had almost waist length hair cut to really short one, just because I made a wow (right befor our first trip to the USA)... Growing out my grays was pretty drastic, even if not as I have some sorting out to do in my mind and soul, something was bound to happen to my hair as well...

 Yep, after nearly four years, I bought haircolor.
Those who follow me on FB or know me in RL know how much I always adored colorful, rainbow, unicorn, elven hair... though historical reenactment is not really compatible with that color shceme... However, during my increasingly long walks, an idea climbed out from the midst of my thoughts... Tünde my hairdresser realized it better than I ever imagined.
The first time in my life I sat down in the hairdresser's chair, that ANYTHING can be done with my hair (as long as it length stays)... literally any color can be used, we can ut in weaves, it can be braided... it took me nearly four years... look, how it happened:
Igen, közel négy év után először hajfestéket vettem :-)

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