Wednesday, January 11, 2017

One sentence

I sweat to god, I wanted to start the year with a post about the new year sweater (yes, I did finish the yarn, yes, I did knit the sweater, and no, I did not knit anything else until I was working on, and yes, I did finish it in about one week), however a surprise attack of whatever cold/flue is making its rounds in the city hit me, and hit me really hard, rendering my face not fit for any picture, and my body not not able to collect enough energy to dress up AND go to a place where there is enough light, and then taking a chance in minus so many C°, modelling the piece without a coat... so you have to wait... I am still debating, since some of you asked if my notion of posting more often lasted only this much, so whether I should show something else (somehow there are always a few stuff I never get around posting), or just continue to muse where all that snot fits into a human's head, and how to make myself presentable for tomorrow,as I have an appearance to make...
And this post ended up being one long sentence... now it is two sentence. Whatever.

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