Friday, May 6, 2016

The best plans...

Can fall apart in a second...just like that.
Thank you for everyone who sent me notes/chats emails, Things are more or less fine.
I really, really had the best intention get the blog going on, more or less regurarly again.
Especially since I finally finished the University adventure, I thought that getting two days back in a week, will allow me to... however I was wrong, I still did not manage to catch up with everything, and then a sudden wandering virus, a nasty fight with a certain teenager, crumbling immune-system resulted in an illness... An illness to wich resulted me not being able to get up, or out of bad for days, and it lasted for week... in all honesty I haven't been this ill in many years, probably since 2009, when I had pneumonia.
Adding to that a deadline that was at least two weeks shorter than it was supposed to be, a Day of Wool that required days of preparation... not to mention stuff, like selecting/finding high-shcool for Chris, freaking out because of a lazy buerocrat and other official things, I was either running around like a headless chick, or working 16-20 hours a day to meat every deadline, get done everything in time- and still there were, some for whom it wasn't enough... . (The record was working 24 hours in one straight sitting...).

All this means I hardly ever knit, but I did manage to squese some spining (yes, to keep my mind in order was more important than... let say eating. Or sleeping.), and I still have stuff from earlier to show you... yes, pictures and posts will come.
Thank you all for being so patient.

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kristieinbc said...

I'm so sorry that you've been going through such a rough time. Hopefully you are starting to feel better now, and are able to catch up on all the things you need to do. There have been some very nasty flus going around. Take care of yourself, and try to ease back into things slowly so you don't get sick again. Hugs to you!