Thursday, March 17, 2016

Weekly spinning: crazy alpaca rainbow

I already mentioned that doomed alpaca which there came a time, when I got so angry that I randomly throw the fiber into the owen and dyed it as it was... part of it was used to make some felted flowers, and other parts of it...
I tried to spin it from the lock (without carding it first)... I was still not happy with it, however I managed to get through the colors of the rainbow twice, and sat around trying to figure out what to ply it with...
If I ply it with itself, then it would be so little, and not anyough for anything, even a fun decorative addition... then I dyed some lace yarn, with the color of the rainbow, but really short repeats.
It did ended up to an interesting, crazy effect, just short of some clown barf.
I don't have it, as someone just bought it at the yarn festival las weekend. Who knows, maybe I should do crazy spinning more often.

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