Saturday, January 30, 2016

A nice sized swatch - DROPS Joyride cardigan

For about a year now I have the yarn for a sweater I promised to knit for a friend... However I never knitted a full sweater out of Lima, nor did I knit a sweater for her, and combined the two above conition kind of makes me a bit nervous...  though a well sized swatch could solve the problem...
Also, ever sice DROPS came out with its fall collection I wanted to knit the Joyride sweater. The DROPS Alpaca party sales gave me the perfect opportunity to do both at the same time. I exchanged a few words with jelloknits on Ravelry, who knitted the sweater version out of Lima, who told me that the gauge of Karisma and Lima is close enough so I do not have to recalculate the whole thing, just follow the pattern. Hurray, that is what I did... almost. I wouldn't be me, if I completely leave akove a pattern, now, would I? Colors are slightly changed, partly because the slightly different selection of Lime, partly due to my preferences. Red instead of dark rose for the edges, and no yellow, only orange.
However, the changes are small, and yet again due to my preferences and not because of the inadquacies of the pattern I found it strange that in the pattern the body is knitted straight up, only increase for breast. I like a more defined waistline, so I started with more stitches, decreased at the sides, until I got to the amount of stitches at the waist line I was supposed to beginn with and then increased according to the pattern, only a tiny it faster rate (less rows between increases).
The other thing I changed the sleeve edges. I loved the small patterning at the sleeves, however wide cuffs are grown onto me, they kind of became my trademarks. So I knitted the red edging longer and did the transition patter after about 15 cm-s.
What caused me a bit of headache was what to do with the contrast colored yarn that is not used on the button bands and the at the top, where the photo crearly shows that the red (rose in the original) is brought out to the edge, but about the how o the pattern is very vague (OK they do not mention anything about that LOL), As for the colors at the pattern I brought them out to the last stitch before the button bnd, twisted the base and the contrast and thenknitted with them back. For the upper edge (close to the neckline) I even wrote to the Design Team (there is a certain advantages for being a translator for their pattern) and they suggested to kit the button band separately, and sew it on. I on the other hand knitted as before (twisting the yarns and knitting the band with gray) until there was pattern, and with the red afterwards.
The last change was knitting the neck edging with garter stich, as rolling edges are really not my thing. As an aftertought (because we are all smater afterwards, aren't we) if I would knit this again, I would knit the body without the buttonbands, and pickup the stitches and knit it on afterwards. I would eliminate the problem of what to do with the yarn ends, and it would make easer to space the buttonholes a lot easier. All in all it is a lovely pattern and if anybody is looking for a first fair isle sweater project this would be a great candidate. Because it uses slightly thicker yarn, it knits up faster, the patterning is easy enough to do it even back and forth.
And the details:
Pattern: DROPS Joyride
Yarn: DROPS Lime (have I mentioned, just how much I love Lima? I loved its big siter Nepal too, but the slightly thinner Lima is just as great. 
Needles: 3 mm for garter stitch, 3.5 mm for stockinett and 4 mm for the patterning.
Photoes: Cristopher Laurent Deli.

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kristieinbc said...

Your knitting is always so beautiful! And I admire your ability to change a pattern as you go. It is a skill I don't have, even after all these years of knitting. Great pictures and a terrific sweater!