Thursday, October 8, 2015

Nordic Summer

And now back to our (more or less) regular progamming, that for the moment, consist of knitting, crocheting, and a bit of spinning thrown in here and there just to convince the average spectator that I am really, really weird.
So knitting...let me show you something I made in the spring and never got around to show. Until now.

As I was working with the spring and suummer catalogs of DROPS this was the one that grabbed my attention and held it thightly. There are others, that I love and would or will knit once I have the time, but this is the one that I knew will get done, no matter what. This is the one I kept coming back and the one that is not brushed away with saying "no time", or "not yet" or something similar.
 Just as I knew that I do not want to knit it from the Baby Merino, a full wool sweater and summer is just not going well together in my mind. However, the Cotton Merino from Drops entrenched itself in my mind, I wanted to knit something with it ever since it came out, so I decided it is high time.
That it is a completely different gauge? Never mind, I can brave that out... right?
Thanks to the University , it went fast, as I knitted the boring stocking stitch part during classes...
I started with the numbers of the smallest size. For the sleeves, since I do not like 3/4 length sleeves, I started out with 5 repeats of the edge pattern, and then added enough rows to end up with a full length.
Pattern Nordic Summer from DROPS
Yarn: Cotton Merino from DROPS
Photoes: Christopher Laurent Deli

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