Saturday, August 16, 2014

Weekly spinning- Cleanse the palate

Back in an other lifetime, in some restaurants in the US between some certain courses they served lemon or lime icecream, to "cleanse the palate". As I am trying to get back to the groove, I was/am spinning a lot more than I was/am knitting... By the time I finished the red carded batts I knew the next thing I should spin will be red again...
I was also dyeing a lot of red, and mauve-is yarn and wool...However, I wanted to cleanse my palate, and decided before I get back to the reds again, I will tackle this braid of natural colored alpaca top I had for years now.
The silky alpaca lends itself to long draw spinning and that is what I did. With this, it is decidedly more rustic and uneven than my regular short draw, but it is also softer and fluffier... if fluffy is a word that applies to thin yarn, even though this is slightly thicker than my usual.
100 gramms, natural colored.
500 meters, two ply, semi woolen.

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