Sunday, August 19, 2012

The same but totally different

Is my father's saying, and I can't find a better expression now. If you read this blog, aou know how enchanted I am with the big yearly craft fair, named "The festival of folk Arts", which this year is the same as always (in the good sense of the word), but for me totally different.
My friend who makes gorgeous felted things, Dora Varga invited me this year to participate  with her, most imporatntly, to demonstrate hand spinning especially drop spindlig, but I could take my handdyed wool and yarns with me as well.

For weeks I've spent my evenings after work elbow deep in dyes.. Sometimes I had help (Thank you Roni), and I said that having good company around, and immersing ourselves in all those lovely colors would've worth it, but thing just got better.
The was a lot of interest, some stopped because they had distant childhood memories about spinning, some never saw how it is done , and while they remembered teh Sleeping beauty they never even saw a picture of somebody using the drop spindle. Some even wanted to learn.
There were quite a few buyers as well, the firs of my customers was Eszter Bene whom I know from a  a facebook knitting goup, there were some whom i never met before, but turns out they read this blog (or the Hungarian version of it), others took teh selected wool or yarn far away to teh US or even Australia.
There is two moe days still, so if you happen to be in Hungary, coem and vistit me!

Photos: Tamás Rigó

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kristieinbc said...

Reading this makes me wish I was there to buy some of your fiber! It all looks so beautiful! I hope the remaining two days went well. Maybe you should set up a side business of selling dyed wool?