Thursday, December 8, 2011

Beaded ball gloves and an official announcment

My sister is preparing for her prom night (or the like, here in hungary they are doing the last year ball during the school year, not at the end of it.).She has a long romantic dress, which gave the inspiration to design and knit some long, elegant gloves.
They are fingerless, they have a lace pattern at the back, and they have beads worked into the edge, and into the pattern itself. (Would it be "my" design without beads? LOL)
Everybody liked them so much, I knitted a bunch of them at once, in different, all romantic colors.
Which made me thinking...
Fom time to time, I was asked would I knit something for someone else... for money. I always replied no. I would be gladly teach anyone to knit, even write patterns, but never wanted to think of it as a money-making possibility. It is no by chance that the subtitle of my blog, is "this is just a blog", because I never wanted to sell/advertise anything. Besides knitting because I must, not to mention knitting on a deadline, would kill the whole thing.
But once in a while these enqueries came. So I had to do some hard thinking. Put aside my shyness, and self questioning. And decided, that though by principle I would still not knit for orders (with a very few exception), but if I make something and someone would like to have it... He/she can. From now.
So, Ladies and Gentlemen, let me announce my new etsy shop, where you can buy a few things I make.
Like these ball gloves. If you come from my blog, use the THECRAFTYSIDE2011coupon code, and you'll get 10% off until the end of december.
Ps. Project data: Pattern: my own design. Yarn: Barkafonal. Photo: Deli Christopher Laurent

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kristieinbc said...

The ball gloves are beautiful! You are right that having to knit for a deadline or because you must would take the fun out of knitting. You have come up with the perfect solution in how you have set up your Etsy shop. Good luck with your new venture!