Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Second hand Rose

For a while I wrote "the queen of secon hand" posts, but not lately, maybe because I hardly buy things anymore (not only in second hand shops, but at all)...
But I just have to show this beauty to you. The fabric is 100% silk shiffon, and teh details are shown.
The color is not as much me (I would prefer if it would be more purplish, or lilac, instead of the dusty pink), and I still have to figure out what am I going to wear it...But I thought I have to take it home, even if I do nothing else with it, but hang it up, and looking at it.
Now, where can I get dusty pink underwear?


kristieinbc said...

I love finding unique things at second hand shops. Maybe you could knit a summer top to wear with it?

Anonymous said...

^^ lávos.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Your blog was found via Ravelry and I've spent most of the day going from post to post. Very enjoyable and your knitting is incredible! I'm visiting Budapest, if everything goes well, in July and that's how I found your blog - visiting the Hungary knitters group on Ravelry.
Best wishes, Sandra