Thursday, March 31, 2011


Me: Hey Angela! How was your weekend?
Angela: Fine, managed to get a nice run, how about you?
Me: Got a phonecall from...the cousine of my dad...My great aunt (or so...she is the sister in law of my grandma) will be 90 soon. The family invited us for the celebration.
Angela: How nice, are you going?
Me: Of course. But they said it is forbidden to buy any present...
Angela: How come?
Me: They just want us to be there. On the other hand they didn't say anything about making something...
Angela: LOL, you are tricky. What are you knitting?
Me: You know me, eh?Dunno, any idea?
Angela: Hey, at least give a few points. A scarf?
Me: Its an old lady. I think a shawl would be nice...
Angela: What yarn?
Me: Remember, I showed you a skein a few months ago I got in a second hand shop? The greyish turqouise one, with the mohair in it...
Angela: How much you have?
Me: Dunno...its a 100 gramm skein, about fingering weight, but there is no tag on it... It has lots of mohair, and some wool according to the burn test, but also some acrylic... Should be something not to big, fairly fast...and the size should be easily modified...
Angela:Hmm...let me think....How about this?
Me: Perfect. How do you do this? Finding the perfect thing every time I ask you something? Thank you so much!


H3Dakota said...

You can't see me now, but I have a VERY big grin on my face!! :D Seriously cute idea for a blog post! {{{hugs}}}

The shawl turned out perfect, I love it.

Isis said...

it is perfect indeed ! great gift !