Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Xmas presents part 3

Last year I gave my friend a pair of felted clogs. She loved them so much, but as I know her she also loves bags. I've been planning for so long to make a felted bag, this Christmas presented the ideal opportunity.
I checked the pattern for the french market bag, but I did not used it, but made up something similar from my head.

One thing I did not liked at the french market bag, is how it seems to widen at the top. so I decresed a few stitches at the edges, which gave it a bit more roundish shape. Here it is before moving in the washing machine just to see the difference:

And here is with its recepiend who was very happy with her present.

So much so she called me on Christmas night that her grown up daughter wanted to confiscate it, but she would not, and placed an order for a new one right away. Since the bag was made up from yarns I picked up in second hand shops I could not promiss anything only that I will look out and if I find anything suitable... I know she trusts my taste and work enough to do that.

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