Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Is the name of the city where I grew up. No I did not like living there, but lots of memories are still tying me to it. Not to mention the fact that my mom is buried there. So last week when we visited my father I asked him to drive us there, which he did.
We started by stopping in the cemetery put a small wreat on my mom's grave and light a candle. Even my dad joined us, though they were divorced decade ago and it was not a "friendly" divorce

Then we walked along the banks of the river Tisza, and stopped at the boathouse where I was rowing as a tenager.

At a point it was heartbreaking to see that the public pool where I (and a ton of people) learned to swimm dissapeared without a trace. Literally. No children's pool, no 50 m pool, no covered pool, no dressing rooms. No statue of the famous waterpolo player who thaught generations to swimm there. Nothing just a park. I could've cried.

But the old anchor is there

At that age, I used it as a swing just like Chris did

All in all, it was a lovely day... we even stopped at Müller's which is a drugstore chain which also sells toys and.... some craft supplies including YARN... and not only bad acrylic ones at that. I did went a little crazy there, but that is a story for an other post.


Isis said...

Great blog post ! This is wonderful for Chris especially, to know his roots ! Your hair looks marvelous in the pics !

Anonymous said...

I totally LOVE the pic with you & your Dad. :) I'm sorry to hear about the pool, though.

Alwen said...

I can understand missing the pool. I just found out the jewelry store where my husband and I bought our wedding rings is gone. It had been in the same place for almost a hundred years (a long time in the USA), and now there is some computer store in there!