Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stashbuster island

You already know about my love for tweed yarn, also for second hand shops, right? Often I buy a ball of yarn, just because I like it, an wonder later what to do with it... as I was digging in my stash a couple of weeks ago, these yarns landed in the same heap, and as I was about to put them back when I looked at the bands and realized they are almost the same quality and the colors go well toogether. It all was not enough for a full sweater, but I had something similar in my mind for a while anyway.

I've never knitted fair isle round yoke before, and I just made up the pattern as I went, but it turned out pretty good, I think.

The gauge was bigger than my usual, and thanks to that the knitting went really fast.

I used about 200 grams of the grayish greenish one, 100 grmms of the dark brown, and 100 gramms of the beige. Knitted with 4.5 mm needles (3.5 for the ribbing)

Now I want it in other colors too :-)

Regula, thanks for shooting the pictures:-)


Isis said...

That came out great ! I really admire your ability to make up a pattern out of "air" !

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's SO pretty! I love it. :)

Anonymous said...

It looks so cozy! perfect for winter! I like the picture location too! by the bazilika!