Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blue waves on the summit

For a few years now I wante a shawl or stole in shades of blue. Back then i wanted to knit a clapotis so I got this yarn with strong contrasts, but when I started knitting it it just pooled all wrong... I have a hard time saying this, because I am really tolerant toward knitting, but it was ugly. Look:

So the yarn went into detention for years... sometimes it got into my hands somehow, and I kept thinking what could I make from it, how can I save it. It is a single ply yarn from Uruguay, which probably would make it too fragile for socks (besides the 200 gramms was too much for that). Up until the moment when I saw Ági's version of the Summit from a similar yarn. By then I had my silk summit way under way on the needles, but the thought didn't let my mind to rest, and not long after I finished the silk one I cast on for the second one.
For the longest time it was my takeout knitting, I knitted on it in playground waiting in offices, cafes, in the club...
After the first few repeat I could see it is much better match for the yarn, instead of the chaos, it brings the colors toogether in a nice way.

Because it was only a take away project it took me quite a while to finish it, but I did.

The size is generous, just as I like my shawls. I can wrap myslef in it

But I can still use it as a scarf

Or scrunch it up in my neck

I have awful memories of wearing the silk one, as I was wearing it the first time when I was laid off in the bank, which kind of make me not want to wear it... which is a shame because it is a great shawl, a great pattern. Here is to this one bringing me more luck :-)


Anonymous said...

Amazing how different the yarn looks in the 2 projects!! :) I love the new shawl, it works beautifully with that colorway.

Isis said...

yep, works great this way ! I love the result !