Thursday, February 18, 2010

Knitting olympic update

A few years ago when I found the Yarn Harlot's blog and was reading older post I found out I just missed her Knitting Olimpics... I was pretty dissapointed... this year she was hesitant, so I was not all that up and ready with a project.. in fact I had this one on the needles:

It was a little bit fussy and didn't went as speedy as I wanted so in a rush decision I casted on something else and got so excited I couldn't put it down before I was done with the back:

When Stephanie announced the she would do it after all I was at loss what to do... The main challenge would be to put away what I am already working on and concentrate on something else. And what that else should be? I don't have enough yarn -yet- for the heartland shawl... Do the percy shawl? That would really strech it, because even though I knit fast (umm, faster than the average) a shawl still takes me more than two weeks...A top down sock? OK, I don't do top down socks, so it would be something new, but still a pair of socks are not as much of a challenge. Then it hit me... the Sunrise circle sweater I wanted to make forever... I hunted for the perfect yarn (I has several misses, too thin, too thick, too dark), what finally Marion from Estonia brought me last year Novita Puro, with stripes and color changes much like Noro, though not as refined, but the yarn itself is much softer, and no vegetable matter. Not to mention it costs half the price of the Kureyon... At the moment I have the back:


Anonymous said...

Very pretty colors, I like! Can't wait to see how it turns out. :)

Isis said...

I love the colours too !