Saturday, August 15, 2009

Baby stuff

My best real life friend had a baby in March. We were classmates in high-school, and friends ever since.
We were pregnant one and half month apart... her daughter is that much younger than my boy.
She is the one who helped me get the job in the bank... and she is a wise one.
When she got pregnant he second time I had conflicting emotions... I missed talking the details with her, and I envied her as hell... but our life turned to different roads now...
That was partly the reason I kept putting off visiting her, along with, of course dealing with a full time job, Christopher and the major de-cluttering project I did...
Anyway I went and I took these as a baby present:

The yarn came from the second hand shop, all cotton. The pattern is the eyelet yoke baby cardigan. And there is a pair of baby-booties to go with it. (Saartje's booties) I knitted the bigger size of both pattern. They will fit the baby in the fall.


Anonymous said...

So cute!! I love those booties, I made a pair for my twin nieces to dress their doll babies. :)

Isis said...

Very pretty !