Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A note from India

I might mentioned that I've spent the last three weeks in a workshop where I was translating for the people from the contractor company who came from India. At the last day I received this message from their leader:

Dear Agnes, Veronika
With the workshop drawing to a close, the OFSS team would like to thank you for all the help provided by Anett during the sessions in translating important conversations into English thereby enabling us to be a part of the dialogues. It was a great effort on her part in perfectly understanding the context of the discussions and relaying it on to us.

Thank you once again Anett, Agnes, Veronika..

Warm regards,

Agnes is the project leader and Veronika is the integrator who was leading these workshops. So my three weeks of hard concentration (understanding what they are talking about in my mother tongue) and giving up the planned vacation days was worth it.

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herr_dr_nuss said...

I'm proud of you Sweetie!!! Keep uup the good work!!!