Sunday, May 24, 2009

Big declutter update

I was kind of loosing hope to have my place in some kind of order before summer, especially having my Son's room ready for his birthday. Especially because I planned to take off a few days but could not because they called me in to translate in a workshop, which is great for work, not so much for the declutter. But my dad probably felt my desperation and decided to pitch in. I was contemplating before he and his wife came that this could be a two edged sword. My dad is a man with strong ideas and he tends to jump into things make a mess and leave me to clean up the results. If I am not careful i might end up with son’s room empty, but everything else is either heaped in the middle of the living room, or stuffed into the small room with no hope making order of it ever again… A carload worth of stuff of my ex is in the “small room” (which needs to be emptied in order to be able to take stuff out of sons room), now I have to move them somewhere so I could get close to what needs to get close. My dad’s wife is an anticlutterer. You know the type who wouldn’t let my dad buy a pair of jeans until he throws an old pair out. She hates clutter and likes to be in empty spaces. She will keep commenting how I have too much stuff,(books, yarn, clothes whatever) and will try to make me throw out some… She will also have her ideas how my place should be arranged…duh.
On the other hand the two of them might be able to push me over the edge with this whole thing, and if I could manage to make them do what I want, not what they think I should…At the end, though some of my fears came through (I do have a ton of stuff in the middle of the living room) lots of things were achieved.Things are far from finished, the following pictures only show the before and the current situation, not the finished.So here is Christopher's room before:

And now. The carpet still needs a good vacuum and cleaning (umm what it really would need is a change). There will be some shelves put there...

And if you remember, the small room (that will be my craft room) looked like this in February:

The historic moment of the famous salgo (industrial steel shelving) taken apart.

The also historic moment of taking the pieces of the big cabinet that fits to up to the ceiling out of different places of the flat and put into one wall for storage:

The first of the sewing machines taken out of Christopher's room and put into the would be craft room:

And just a reminder what was left by my dad for me to deal with... all the stuff in the living room:

Now, if I could find someone to ship P.' stuff soon...

P.S.: Spell check doesn't works from here... who knows why, so you just have to live with my typos for a couple of days.


Isis said...

Sorry about the state of the living room... but for the remainder : great progress ! I whacked my back out over the weekend too, while assembling furniture after first having emptied the old bookshelves in Hanna's room, funny to see we were doing the same kind of thing at the same time, LOL !

Anonymous said...

WOW!! That is amazing, how much you all accomplished! I bet Chris is really happy to have a bit of stretching room now. :)

herr_dr_nuss said...