Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy halloween!

As I already told in the previous post here in Hungary we don't celebrate Halloween as they do in the US or even in the UK. Like many things coming from overseas it gets more and more fashionable. I love dressing up, but I prefer the carnival... We didn't plan on any party or dressing up for the day, but my son asked for a Jack'o lantern... So we went to the market, bought a small pumpkin and carved it... I never did anything like this, but thanks to the advice Angela gave me (she pointed me to some really good sites)...
The most difficult time I had was scraping the pumpkin flesh out. (I cooked it up to a pumpkin soup. We'll see how it goes with Christopher).
Here is the end result. Christopher drew up the face:

And I put a bat at the back of it.

And here how it glowed in the dark (these pictures were done with my cell-phone's camera, which doesn't have a flash).

When we lighted it and turned off the electric lightbulbs, my son was so happy, he jumped up and down, clapping his hands... So it was all worth it :-)))


Anonymous said...

WOO HOO!! Your first carved pumpkin turned out fantastic! I love the bat on the backside. I'm SO happy that the sites were useful... def let us know how the soup turned out! :D (I love all things pumpkin & I think I even have a pumpkin recipe book over on Spark...?)

Isis said...

We eat a lot of pumpkin soup but I have never carved one - too scared to nick myself I guess. Yours turned out really well ! It's the same in Belgium, trick or treat is becoming a fashion now even though it did not exist when I grew up... We went on a Halloween walk in the park near a medieval castle, it was very spooky and Hanna even cried for being so scared (poor kid !).

herr_dr_nuss said...

i love the bat one. i did't carve one this year. no one comes to our house. :-(