Wednesday, October 22, 2008


The current situation found it's way to my knitting... the exchange rate went crazy, which partly means P. is happy as a cat that ate the canary, his pension worth more (hopefully he will pay those bills he kept putting aside as I just found out :@(...), but I just cannot order yarn from abroad. It was expensive to begin with, adding to it the shipping made it even more so, but now I just cannot pay so much for yarn... So as much as I love the good stuff I have to make my stash work for a while I guess, or figure something out with the yarn that is available here. Thankfully the selection is getting slightly better with more yarn that has higher percentage of wool for example.
BTW... I have to teach my colleagues to knit. We have these events about once a month where one of us shows something of his/her interest. There was a "presentation" about India, a yoga class, they went to Nordic walking (all before I started there). I was telling my boss rather jokingly "well, I was thinking about this and I could take you all to fly... or I could teach you to knit..." to which he reacted surprisingly with "hmmm... you know what? that is a really cool idea!" and didn't left me alone until I organized it. It will be on next Tuesday. And some of the men will come too. Since everyone replied with "please bring me needles and yarn" I went to a second hand shop where I knew they also sold yarn. Of course I rarely buy there as these yarns are never enough for even a pair of socks, but now I collected some odds and ends for the "class" with the thought what we wouldn't use now I could take to Chris's school for craft classes, and I found a few small skeins of very fine, very soft gray yarn. It is even finer than regular lace weight. Of course I bought that all, and along with the other yarn for teaching I paid less than I would have for a ball of Noro...

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Isis said...

Heh, amazing, never thought these guys would be interested... take pics ! (if they'll let you) !!! Can't you send P off to Austria or Switzerland with his precious pension, to get you some good yarn ? Definitely must think of adding some good yarn in a postal box for you... (there's stuff on sale here almost permanently). Carry on spreading the "word" (err... the yarn & needles I mean) !