Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Jungle Book

No knitting for two days :o((((
Yesterday I took my soon a theater. We saw the musical Geszti and Dés wrote from the Jungle book. Of course I am partial (I just love musicals, rock-operas, and such), but it was good. The songs are nice the lyrics are fantastic, the choreography is lovely. Christopher had a bit of hard time to understand how can people play animals (the bear and the monkeys went through, even the wolfes, but when it came to the snake... even though the actor was just great. Really just great.
Today I had a crisis over private matters (those that I am trying to keep outta here, at least until I find a solution). I should work on my translations, but I am still upset...
Tried knitting, I really want to start on the Butterfly dress, but keep messing up the lace pattern...

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