Sunday, February 22, 2009

oops...(over) felted clogs

For so long I wanted to do the felted clogs. I even bought the pattern.
The major problem was to find the right yarn. As I already mentioned (just about a hundred times) the selection here is VERY limited, it is difficult to find yarn that have wool in it, much less one that is chunky and not treated (to make it washable). Of course I could order some cascade, but I never done felting, and that would be just too dear for a try-out piece.
The thrift store -again- comes to the rescue where I found a few hanks of pure wool, the band says "jacket wolle". the small swatch felted up nicely so I went on knitting the small woman's size:

I knew they will come out huge, so that was no surprise, but even while I knitted I though the woman who thought up that pattern is genius!

It took me a while to get them in the washing machine. After the first run, nothing happened. They came out as they went in. So, the next time I throw an old jeans of Chris beside it and set the temperature higher, and forgot about it... when I took them out........

They were way too small for me...But just the right size for my boy (who was on me for getting on his own red clogs anyway):

And here is two pictures for the sake of comparison. The shoe/sock-less foot in both pic is mine:

I decided I am not giving up on felting. This was exciting, so I will declare this a success. The next time I have to watch the process more carefully.

Chris is very happy with them! He keeps telling me these are the most comfortable footwear he ever had!


herr_dr_nuss said...

mmmm they look soooooooo warm and comfy!!! the right color too! Lucky C!

Anonymous said...

They turned out great! :D