Saturday, February 14, 2009

Back to work

Thursday -after two weeks of absence- I went back to work. Getting up was not as hard, as I did that every day just about the same time, to take Chris to school.When I arrived to the office my card didn't worked... I guess you can imagine the feeling "OMG I don't work here anymore?", but it turned out it was blocked because I didn't took back the temporary card I used the last day.
Then as I got to my table I found my phone-headset dismantled. Somebody needed one for a conference call, and they thought the easiest way to acquire one is to take mine. Which is my own, I got it as a kind of good by present from the call center.
Then it took me half a day to clean up my mail.
Friday was a strange day, because even though I took care of many things I couldn't get around to one (not so important) task. As I was leaving (an hour later than usual) my boss asked just about that task... I came away feeling so...I don't know what would be the right word. Inadequate?
Then my ex colleagues in the call center... we were told (last summer) that we (umm they) would have a job until march 31, and ten people can stay on. Last week EVERYBODY got their paper, that they last work there in Feb 20.
Then the communication came out that there will be no raise until July. (darn I counted on that money to make up for what I miss because of the sick-leave).
I was only thinking the next day (today) that it was Friday the wonder people do not like that day.

Today once again I ventured in the small room that P. made into a storage room. I want to make it into a craft room, and take my sewing machines there out of Chris's room (so he can have his own room, and enough space.)
The small room at the moment looks like this:

Steel industrial shelving (what was P. thinking putting that in a tenth floor flat?...and what was I thinking letting him do it???). Lots of boxes and all kind of stuff. Tools, pieces of lamps, lampshades, food, whatever. You name it, it is in there. I found about 15 kilos of pasta 10 kilos of rice there. P. always had this fear? tendency to hoard. For decades in every year I heard from him: This year is going to be hard, the prices will be rising, we have to collect as much food as we can... If I went to a supermarket and asked what shall I bring home, in the answer there always was pasta and/or rice. Well as we say in Hungarian "it doesn't ask for bred" i.e. it doesn't cost anything to keep it. But the rest of the stuff... It is rather disheartening, but I have to do it. Christopher is quite messy kid, and I can't order him to be tidier if he doesn't have the space to put away stuff easily. And the mess in his room makes me more and more frustrated every day. I don't mind the ....what is the right word when there is just too much "stuff in a room???... anyway I don't mind the mess elsewhere as much, but I want Chris to have his own room.


Isis said...

Friday was an OK day for me but it sounds like you got a bad deal on the 13th ! I had to smile at the picture of the "small room". Remember my house ? I took pics of our office at home before starting to sort it out, too. I'll post before&after pics once I'm completely done. You are thinking very logically. You can't expect a child to be orderly if you don't first offer him a system to classify his stuff in. Ikea is ace for that. But first things first, get all the superfluous things out of there ! Think of me and my office room, I'll think of you and your small room !

peony said...

Oh, you haven't seen the pictures of Chris's room... it looks just as bad, or even worst :-(

Isis said...

You need to keep thinking positive. It'll get done, one of these days... We need to believe in ourselves and in our eventually clutterfree homes !!!

peony said...

Oh, CLUTTER is the word I was looking for. It made me crazy for a couple of days that I knew there IS a word for it but couldn't think what was it.

herr_dr_nuss said...

just keep working on it girl. it will get cleared out. do it on YOUR timetable. someone else couldn't live up to theirs. soon chris will have a nice place to sleep and play!!!

get a shoot from your window to the dumpster and heave all that crap into the shoot!! instant craft room ;-)