Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Ladies and gentlemen, we are interrupting our regular blog schedule for an important announcement. Our best employee the star of the customer service, the wonder sales girl is leaving our ranks. We are glad to say that she will stay in the bank, but from September 1st she will strengthen the force of the New Bank Development (or Business Transformation Quality) department as an assistant. One of our eyes is crying, the other one is laughing. We are sorry to loose her, she is already a legend, but for her own good we have to let her go.
Sources close to our crafty girl say that she professes to be scared shitless, but she trusts the Universe. She wasn't going after the job, she was approached and asked if she is interested.When she was interviewing she asked "If this job is meant for me, universe please make them offer it to me. If they will choose somebody else, then I accept that it wasn't meant for me. But if it is really for me make them give me more money than they originally talked about." They did. So while she is anxious, she is also happy and trusts that this will mean good things for her. Even if it will mean no knitting at working hours.

Thank you all for your attention. Now we will return to our regular crafty/knitting blog.


cmm said...

congratulations on your new job promotion! Good for you. Always nice to hear of good things happening to people.

Sorry that you won't get to knit as much, but you'll find a way.

I do.

COPOKA said...

I am very happy for you!

Isis said...

Looks like this is really meant to be ! I wish you lots of success, in a BIG way ! You can always knit between 2 and 3 in the morning, eh ?! LOL...