Thursday, August 21, 2008

The festival of folk arts

August 20th is the biggest national holiday of Hungary. It is the (birth)day of our first king St Stephen which is my favourite holiday. It is also the celebration of the "new bread" (the first bread baked from the newly harvested wheat). Lots of things going on, airshows, airraces, a flower-carnival, and it is the time of the festival of folk arts. In the Buda-side of the city where the castle is there is this huge craft fair... there are booths to introduce arts of...almost every folk arts. It is the traditional gathering of these craftmen, and craftwomen... And one can also buy most of the items.
Like traditonal embroidery:


Not the potter though

but his pots

You could see old/traditional wood/coal burning stove (it was not for sale... in the countryhouse we had one like it...I loved making fire and cooking in it, even managed to bake rather evenly in it...I miss live fire in my kitchen now.):

(more is coming...)


Isis said...

Lovely ! You need an Aga, girl ! I would love to have one too but they cost a fortune...

Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL pictures, my friend!! I love, love, LOVE them! :) Gosh, I wish I could have been there... :)