Tuesday, December 27, 2016


This much sleeve of a sweter can I knit in the movies watching a two hour movie.

Just because some of you will ask: the yarn is DROPS Lima

And if you want anything good for yourself, and remotely interested in Sci-Fi, and/or linguistics and/or time theory, do yourself a favour and watch the movie Arrival. 
It was amazing. Even Christopher, who is not fan of the slow paced artistic movies enjoyed it tremendously. It also gave us the opportunity to have nice talks about the movie, linguistics and the concept of time...
I try not to read up on a movie beforehand, only afterwards. I was NOT surprised to see that many thinks that this is one of the best movies of 2016.
Also that there is a name of the theory, I felt rather strongly about for a good while, “Sapir-Whorfhypothesis” . That the language you speak has an effect the way you think. More pointedly, that Hungarians out in the world are not so successful because they are smarter or better, but because they think differently. It is like our brain is wired differently. Just imagine a problem, and a bunch of specialist with anglo/saxon/french/etc wired brains looking at it from one side, and they can't find the solution. There comes the Hungarian, and because the way his/her brain is wired h/she turns the whole thing upside down, and loo and behold, the solution is there. The basic structure of our language is so different from the other indo-european languages. I have no idea if we think differently, because of our language, or the language is different, because the way we think.

If I would be slightly more interested in linguistics than I am, I would certainly research that.

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