Thursday, December 15, 2016

New year's sweater, preparation, step2.

I started knitting a newyear's good luck sweater in january 2012 (I wrote about it here.)
Repeated it the nex year.
And the next one.
By 2015 it was intentional, I prepared for it, and intentionally made it to a red one.
In 2016 it was tradition and I made it into an event, made a Facebook group to cover it, and asked other peoples to join me.
This year the group is still alive, and I already have plans for this year's one... In fact I started the preparations a couple of months ago, by carding some batts...
And last night (umm, very early this morning) I officially started spinning the yarn.

I do hope it will be ready by New Years eve (if not, replanning will be in order, but I am not afraid... I have enough red yarn kno knit swetaer's for a football team, so I can probably find one sweater's worth in my stash.

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