Tuesday, December 13, 2016

From head to toes

In handknits. In other words in the name of "wear thy knitting" I show you how I look when I am wearing handknits from top to bottom. (Not really) incidentally all of them were made from DROPS yarns.
Hat: DROPS Andes
Shawl/Scarf: DROPS Alpaca
Sweater: Drops Flora
Fingerless mittens were never blogged, but they were knitted from Drops Cotton Merino.

My jacket (Per Una) and pants were bought second hand, the polka dot bag came from E-bay.

What you can't see, I have a pair of handknitted socks from DROPS Fabel and a pair of red ankle boots I got about three years ago at CCC.

Photo: Chritopher Laurent Deli

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kristieinbc said...

What a wonderful outfit! Isn't it great to wear things you've made, and things from wool?