Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Is 2016 over yet?

The Goblin King, The Half-blood Prince, Prince, and now our Princess. 2016, you officially suck.
I loved David Bowie and Alan Rickman… I really did, but I grew up on the original Star Wars films. There were no downloads, no DVD-s, not even video recorders around back then, so we sat in the movie theater again, and again, immersed in a galaxy far-far away.

I know, many of you would not think me as a Sci Fi fan, more like an old fashioned handcrafter history buff, but I am just as much one as the other.
I thought that, at least on the personal level 2016 didn’t suck as much, in fact, there was a few really good moment in it.

I am ready to withdraw that conclusion.
On the other hand...

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