Monday, October 31, 2016

Rainbow 660 - weekly spinning

Dyeing is underway, but until something gets dry enough to take a photo, I will show you some handspun rainbow...
This has a long story, long, as the time it took me to finish it. This was the wool I was spinning on the craft fair a year and some months ago at the big August festival of folk arts, I even have a picture of it... (I have no idea why I never posted about that event..).
 I finished the 100 gramms braid, in four days in four part, I put the singles on paper rolls... three of them as it turned out later.
 When I wanted to ply I could not find the fourth one. I looked everywhere, in every bag I had with me, under and behid the shelf where the other three was, I could not imagine where it went...

 Until in this years festival I needed to free up a spindle, that had pinkish yarn on it. It totally looked like the merino/silk I am working on and off whenever I am demonstrating spindling, but now as I was transferring the yarn yet on another paper roll, under the pink a purple a blue and a green part revealed itself, and I was ready to have a headdesk moment, as it was there all along, I just did not look hard enough.
 From that moment it didn't take me long to ply it and here you are 660 meters of two ply merino, Enough for a sizeable shawl knitted, a smallish one (or if you add something else to it a normal sized) woven scarf.

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