Saturday, October 15, 2016

Weekly spinning

A week or so ago I had a discussion with someone about "original" ideas... Is there such a thing still exist in the fiber arts? Its been four years ago, when I dyed some fiber (alpaca) with a long changing colorways (of ranbow), spun the yarn and the wove it into a stole. The whole story is here. No I did not invent long colorchange yarns. I am sure I wasn't the first to dye fiber and spun yarn this way. I don't know if I were thr first one weave these yarns into one fabric, gradiently changing colors... but I certainly didn't see it elsewhere before...
Long, gradiently changing color yarns, kints, fabrics still fascinate me, and here is just one addition to that fascination. I dyed the yarn in late spring and finally got around to spin it.

I wanted to experiment with weaving with single ply yarns, as I am wondering how it affects the resulting fabric, will it be biased? Will it be softer?  will it be...? 
So this is (uncaracteristically for me) is single ply, chubut merino. Chubut is a province in South Argentina. It seems I am drawn to this area, as my favorite fibers to spin are the falkland and the south-american, and now this chubut).

1000 gramms and 1200 meters.

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