Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Somebody said...

That, now as I finished the university, I should blog more often...
"But even if, I have no new stuff finished, and I can onl write three sentence?"
"Even then."
"Even if I don't have any pictures, and can't shoot one, because it is already dark?"
"Even then."
"Even if...."
"Even then. For god sake shut up, don't whine, blog."

Well, OK... I was thinking of it anyway, those 100 happydays, 100 days-100pictures, or the 100 creativedays type of blogs inspired me, not to mention a certain dressing up blog (oh, you will not get out of it, I will more than mention it, but not this day).

For today I just have to say, that now, as I had to cancel my weaving day at Judit's studio, a parcel of silk yarn arrived from India with record speed. Like three days instead of the usual three weeks. I paid it at the same day as I did for the boots that arrived (also today) from the neighbouring district. Go figure.

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