Tuesday, November 1, 2016

It's got dark outside...

I had full intention today to post a bunch of pictures of the freshly dyed stuff, however... since tomorrow is fully out, and the day of wool is on Saturday I have to balance my work that pays my bills very carefully, so today my creativity was spent trying to figure out a fifth thousandth way to say tasty/delicious/awesome in Hungarian, By the time I got the text I need to finish into the shape so I can spend tomorrow in the hospital and be with my boy as long this week as he needs me without worrying about missing the deadline it got to dark to make any pictures. I will show you the one I've done the morning before started to work, other pictures will follow. I can't promise anything for tomorrow, it all depends, but I am most certain, I will flood my facebook page and the blog with colorful pictures. Stay tuned. And get your sunglasses if you haven't already. Like, because of this.

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