Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Right, I am trying my best to post something almost every day, but I am not a machine and life, or sometimes work happens.
The first two days of the week I spent with the street foods of Amerika and trying to find a way to translate tricky, untranslateable business names, and figuring out different ways to translate "delicious"... I did think about posting, but I haven't even left the flat since I crashed in after the day of wool...
For today I can show you my "haul" from the wool of day... I got two skeins of the new DROPS yarn, Flora. I really like the yarn itself, I love Nepal and Lima, I already knit with both, and I like the touch and feel of Flora. I think it will be great for fair isle projects. I thought it will be great to use for products that originally uses Karisma, but now I see that it will be good substitute for their Alpaca yarn. I really like my knitted fabric more dense, than the average knitter (addig to this that I knit loose, you know why I start to knit swatches with needles that are two mm smaller than the suggested). As much I love the DROPS alpaca yarn, I always think it feels a little bit too... limp. The Flora has a denser feeling, so... we'll see. I find the colors a bit too pale for my taste, but I am sure a good combination can be put together even for a multicolored fair isle, and I am also sure I can find someone to overdye some yarn for me, if I really need a different color.
Here is the two color I got to try out:
I was thinking of a hat, much like the Selbu modern, but something else, as I already knitted Selbu a number or times.
I also know that this will blow over my self imposed ban of yarn shopping, but more on that later...
And this seems like a good idea... now shall I do it?

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