Sunday, December 20, 2009

What's up?

Just to tide me over until I can post pictures of Xmas knitting...
What's with work? Things are OK, ups and downs, the waves of the org change still not calmed entirely down. I have good times, and then not so good ones, but trudging on, hoping that it will finally turn to my way. One good thing that I got asked to write memos on meetings that are held in English, and lots of the big guys involved and in an area which these days extremely important. We'll see.
What is on TV?
Blood Ties. OK, I know it is a vampire thing, and ever since I suffered through the "Interview with the vampire" I never thought I would watch anything that involves big teeth and blood... I managed to stay out of the way of the twiglight mania.
But my late night knitting sessions I turn to the TV for company, and one very late night I bumped into the first episode of this... When I saw the guy who plays Henry...mmm, my mouth actually fell open.Then stayed that way drooling. He is soooo good looking. I would watch ANYTHING he plays in just for the sheer aesthetic value of looking at him. You know, I usually do not fall for the pretty, I am more for strong lines ( Timothy ) or for the interesting face, or even an interesting mind...But this time something made me look... and look again and again.
The strory is not bad either I love that the girl is not a girl, but a woman, not a minus 3 sized teenage chick, and the fact that they not only refer to bad vision, but she actually wears glasses. I like the spooky goth girl, I always loved outfits that made one wonder if it is an everyday one, or a custome. I wish I could work in a place that would require me to dress like that... hehehe.
I like the love triangle, but the truth is, as cute as Dylan something who plays the third would never be in the same legaue as Kyle Smid.
What's reading? When Jenny was here we talked about Sci Fi novels, and I mentioned one of my favourites, which is a thrilogy by a Hungarian author Peter Zsoldos. The Viking returns, The Fire far away and The last temptation. I like them very much and picked them up from the shelf one by one.
The first one is about the spaceship that is sent to discover a planet a few galaxy away that is similar to the earth. The ship gots crashed and Gregor gets cut off from his team. Appareantly the planet is really similar to the earth a few thousand/ tens of thousands of years ago. He meets animals, and then saves a neolithic man Nogo. For a while they live with his herd, but then a "hairless wonderer" draws a picure in the sand of a rocket into the sand and a makeshift map. So they escape the herd and make for the big river and end up in Avana which are appareantly ages ahead, "already" living in the bronze age.
In the second book we learn that the spaceship was fixed and started back to the earth, but Gregor's health suffered greatly, and had to be left behind. There was an uprising against the current king who was killed and our man was to sit in the throne. His aim is to make the life of these people better, and he struggles to use the knowledge he brought from the much more advanced civilization. He is a geologist though, and his medical, historical, economical knowledge is very superficial. Still he leads through wars, discoveries, through epidemic, and leads them from thr bronse age to the iron age. It is actually kind of a hystorical novel without having to be hystoricaly accurate.
At the end of the second novel they learn that at the other side of the planet there is an other continent, even more advanced than them...(Like medieval Europe or so).
The third one is very short and more like an afterthought... But the first two beside being good, engaging read, makes me wonder if it was ever translated to English... It would make a great epic movie too.
What's knitting? LOTS of xmas knitting. My family never asked me for knitted stuff, but this year... there was something for everyone. I will post pictures as soon as the recepient got it, OK? Let me just tell you, I would be happy when I can knit something I WANT to knit instead of something I have to...
What's cooking? No cooking but baking. Up until a couple of weeks ago I always made a big fuss about Xmas baking. P. had a sweet tooth. No, not one, but all of them. Even then I refused to fall into the buying presents pit, I always gave my father and my brother a big box of cookies (both of them had wifes who were... better at other things, let me put it that way), and panettones for friends... I remember the years when I used like fifteen pound of flour, and three-four pounds of walnuts and dozens of eggs just to start with. I remember the year when I made more than a a dozen different cookies and dozen panettones to give away. Life turned and P. is not here anymore and Chris just does not have his dad's love for cookies. I still have my father, but his wife always told that it is too much for them. My brother got divorced. I am more mature and don't want to impress so many with homebaked cake...
Last year there was no baking at all because I was so shaken, I still have no idea how I made through the holiday sane at all... But it is strange without smelling the vanilla, the nuts, the orange peel... This year I made a deal with my father, they will get only the traditional walnut and poppyseed rolled cakes but no cookies. I am making four panettones for the closest friends. And don't think I am an idiot, but I am making one walnut and one poppy cake for P. I don't know why. I do not want to "impress him", anymore, especially since it never worked. I know it was not my fault it ended the way it did, still I feel sad for him...


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Ah... the panettone... yummmm !

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Oh, you do KNOW my cake personaly...

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hum.. that bloody ties sounds interesting, I might have to check it out.

I hope you are having a happy Christmas, with lots of knitting!

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