Thursday, December 3, 2009


I don't really like mohair
I don't really like boucle
I don't really like slubby yarn
I am not a great fan of top down sweaters
I am not really a fan of frills...
When Kriszta lent me Wendy Bernards Custom Knits book (all about knitting from the top down), I liked a couple of patterns, but the Lion neck cardigan wasn't one of them...
Still, when I found this yarn in the second hand store the connection in my mind was inmediatly done...I asked Kriszta for the book once again...

I can't praise this pattern enough. Knitted with a bigger needle (at least for me, 5 mm needles are kind of big), goes really, really fast. It is simple to knit, if someone looking for a first sweater to knit, this is great for that. Easy to adapt to many different type of yarns. This is totally different from the one they used in the book. But the result is just what everyone says. Pretty, comfortable, fast and fun.

I can tell this is not the last time I've knitted this. I never thought such a simple thing could be a cause for such a joy. It goes agains many of my dislikes, still it turned out exceptionally well.

Pattern: Wendy Bernard Lion Neck Cardigan
Yarn: Rödel Flaush Tweed (that's what the label says...38% viscose,23% mohair, 20% polyacryl, 19% polyamid)

It took 8 balls of yarn. that is 400 grams, 1040 meters.

I have one whole ball left. What to do with it??? Any suggestion?
Needles 5.5 mm addi circulars (60 cm, 80 cm)
Modification: only one. I added a bit of waist shaping.

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Isis said...

I like the yarn. Good match for the pattern indeed !