Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My little lamb...

The teachers in Chris's school decided this year to put on a Xmas play, which included sheepherdrs, sheep, and of course Mary and Joseph...Something of having in a herd of gorgeous shite soft wooled herd two scratchy greyish lambs outcast by everyone, but upon seeing the newborn Jesus their fur turned moiracoulosly soft and white. My boy was cast as one of the lambs...School of course had all kinds of coustomes, Sheepherders, angels, Mary Joseph, everything but sheeps... On the Xmas fair at St Lucia1s day the teacher... no she did not asked, she did not told me, but self evidently put the picture at the desk before me, saying "this is how it should looked like.." I couldn't even replied. I mean it wasn't given to the stay at home mom, nor the one with grandmas at hand, no to the single mom who works full time. They said I should just get some white pijamas, yeah, where? And most importantly when?... Only at home did my anger surfaced, but then Christopher started crying and telling me how he really wants the part, and mommy, please, please make me a sheep custome.Who can say no to a teary eyed eight year old? Not me... No white PJs of course, so I dived into my fabric stash, came up with some white jersey (for sweatshirt type of stuff), and made an overall for him. I didn't bothered with a pattern, I just put a pijama on the fabric for approximatle length and width... After so many time, I hoped that I know enough to cut into a fabric and came out something close to what I want. Then I went to my wool stash, dug out the australian merino and teared it apart to small bunches, which got sewn on the overall.

It was really succesful. For the other boy, the teacher made the coustome (hmm, I was singled out because they knew I would do it??? and at the end I did it well).

The play and the celebration was really lovely.

I baked a "cake", seet yeast dough layered with walnut, apple, poppy seed, and jam and raisin filling. There was not a crumb left of if... Of course there is more than enough baked sweets at home, but that is for an other post...

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