Friday, December 25, 2009

Twinkle star

Traditional tree toppers in Hungary are long, narrow, looking like a rocket crossed with russian domes. In Miami I had a ...hmm I think it was supposed to be father Noel, but it looked rather like a wizard with dark blue cloak... As much as I loved it was left and eventually lost there.
Before Christopher was born I got an angel, which I dearly loved, but last year my boy announced he wants a star. What? Why?
"Mama, I want a star."
Well, last year I was happy to survive the days, and I could not even think about any star.
About two weeks ago Chris was right behind me when I opened the Knitting Daily letter in which there was the pattern. Chris pointed and squeled. "Mama, I want that star. Please knit me THAT star!".
So what's a mommy to do?

Pattern is Nora Gaughan's celestial.

Yarn, unknown second hand red yarn and gold thread. Needles 2.25 mm knit picks DPNs (they have six needles in the pack which is the numbers needed for this. It can be made on less, but really comfortable on six.

Modification: at the last point when there was three stitch on each side knitted 5 rows and left it open and put a tube made of red cardboard in before stuffing. Pulled the yarn through the stitches and closed it around the tube and fixed by punching through the board a few times with the needle and yarn.

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Anonymous said...

Your new shiny star sets your pretty tree off perfectly! Chris picked out a wonderful star. :)